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roof detailThe development of accurate roofing plans and specifications is a critical step in the construction process. The plans are used to convey a standard of construction expectations to the bidding contractors as well as to establish a formal record for accountability. The plans and specifications are also an essential tool to ensure that all bidders are bidding towards the same thing. We’re all familiar with the old saying “ Apples to Apples “ it holds explicitly true in a competitive bid situation where more often than not roofing contractors are competing against each others labor costs. At Northeastern Roofing Consultants we believe that the process begins with the establishment of the Design Criteria. The Design Criteria is where we evaluate all of the building characteristics and variables that will help us to specify the right system and installation methods, these characteristics include:

  • Building Construction including Brick, Masonry, Exterior Insulated System, Metal or Other
  • Composition of Existing Roof Deck
  • Attachment of Roof Deck
  • Slope of Deck
  • Drainage Layout
  • Perimeter Detailing, Parapet Wall or Edge
  • Roof Top Equipment
  • Local Codes
  • Insulation Requirements
  • Wind Up Lift Requirements
  • Building Usage and Owners Long Term Plans
  • Construction Budget

Once the Design Criteria has been identified and reviewed Northeastern Roofing Consultants will develop the Roofing Scope of Work. The Roofing Scope of Work, sometimes referred to as the Summary of Work is a specific listing of the project requirements and includes very detailed information on how we want the project handled.

Typically the Scope of Work will specify what roof areas work is to be performed, confirming what components or equipment are to be replaced and outlining the details for the installation of new components. The Scope of Work will also outline how the contractor is to work on and around the owners property, to include safety procedures and interior protections, it will also detail where contractors will be permitted to set dumpsters and stage materials. This information is very important in setting the expectations we want the contractor to meet.

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